Welltool received a prize of Recognition of Excellence Certificate︎[ 2019.09.11 ]

●Welltool received a prize of Recognition of Excellence Certificate

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU), a specialized organization of the United Nations, has a history of 150 years with over 193 member countries and 700 private companies. “ITU Telecom World” is the largest conference organized by ITU every year. As a global platform connecting governments, companies, and high-tech SMEs to accelerate ICT innovation, it attracts much attention every year. This year, it was held from 9th to 12th in Budapest, Hungary.

Welltool won the “Recognition of Excellence Certificate” at the ITU TELECOM WORLD AWARDS 2019. Welltool has been chosen as the most innovative by global exhibitors from various countries.

Welltool received a prize of “Recognition of Excellence Certificate”. Houlin Zhao -ITU Secretary-General (Left) and Hatsumi Tanaka -CEO of Welltool Co., Ltd.

●What is ITU Telecom World Awards?

ITU Telecom World 2019 was the 5th such event and was held in Budapest, Hungary from 9th to 12th September and this conference is the most significant program of its kind globally.

The Award was given as the most innovative of exciting high-tech SMEs (SMEs) with advanced
activities of companies offering positive social impact.

●Welltool’s Multilingual instant translation system was admitted in the world.

Welltool received a prize of the "Recognition of Excellence Certificate", the best award from exhibitors from Japan, with Welltool's instant multilingual translation system being global assessed at the conference.

●New services will be released in the future!

Last August, Welltool’s Multilingual instant translation system CMS was released and in September this year, we will release an API that can be easily translated into multiple languages in more than 100 countries just by inserting a one single tag into an existing website, and multilingual chat will be released in December this year.

●Our contribution is for people all over the world to live a richer and more fulfilled life.

Looking towards a bright future, Welltool will offer communication IT technology to the whole world and facilitate smooth communication for people in various industries such as tourism, education, medical care and natural disasters, to name but a few.
Removing the language barrier, we want to contribute to a better life to people all over the world. With the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, people from all over the world are now paying attention to Japan. Welltool is well placed to help many countries with Inbound and Outbound travel to Japan now and in the future.

【Details of ITU Telecom World 2019】

9th to 12th September 2019
Venue: Budapest, Hungaryト

ITU Telecom World 2019 Visual report

【Introduction to Welltool】

・Welltool was established on 3rd March 2015. Their purpose is for people from different counties to communicate instantly in many languages from all over the world.
・The β version of CMS Welltool is instantly translated according to the base language set on the individual device, was released in May 2016 and started selling in Aug 2016.
・Welltool was selected as a finalist of PTC Innovation Award in Jan 2019.
・Welltool received a prize of ‘Encouragement Award of Japan ITU’ in May 2019.

●Inquiries from media related to this matter:
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