Developed so that you can easily, quickly and neatly create multilingual webpages. Needless to say, it’s also available for smartphones and tablets!

With Wellpage, it’s easy to make

The webpages you create with「Wellpage」are simple to make and easy to operate. Moreover, it’s possible to design easily viewable and neat webpages. All you have to do is follow the input order and enter the text and photos. Of course, you can easily create the webpage from your smartphone as well. Not to mention, you can use the domain and SSL for free. (excluding custom domains).

A true translation feature

Wellpage automatically displays in your language when you open the URL, even if it the webpage was designed in Japanese. You can view it in over 100 language around the world. There is no need to customize your website in Japanese, English, French or any other language whatsoever, as it’s equipped with an automatic translation feature in over 100 languages. Furthermore, since you can also broadcast videos, you can now realize a owned media-like homepage that reaches out to the whole world. It works the other way around as well – you can view a webpage created in a language other than Japanese in Japanese.

SNS bundle feature

Facebook、Twitter、Instagram、YouTube can be displayed together. Tweets will also be shown in your mother language. The custom internal SNS feature will help you gather more clients and spread information. By bundling them all together the contents you post will be displayed altogether at once, allowing for PR across SNS platforms.

How to use the QR code

At Wellpage, you can even create text easily, and a QR code just by doing a simple click on a button. With only one QR code you can gain access to over 100 supported languages. You should absolutely give this service give this service a try - just by reading the QR code you enter a world where everything is automatically translated.

Wellpage’s 3 plans

For newcomers

For clients wishing to subscribe

Application development